Say Hello, to the best new tool in the construction and development industry.  Introducing the patent-pending, Remote Construction Hard Hat by Remote Works.  


Remote Works | Patent Pending - Construction Hard Hat is designed to bridge the gap between construction site superintendents and remote project managers, consultants, subcontractors, and owner teams.  With the Remote Hat, managers can see “boots on the ground” details and live the project development experience without having to step foot on the project site. Managers can oversee 5-10 projects at any given time, and never leave the office. The Remote Hat integrates several key technology features and includes value/adds such as:


  • Mask - Whether you’re in an environment with high VOC’s [volatile organic compounds] or combating the spread of COVID-19, the Remote Hat provides its users the optionality of wearing a mask. The Remote Hats mask doesn’t just provide protection, but also provides filtered air to its users.  What’s better than protection and the ability to breath.


  • Camera - 3rd Eye camera for image and video relay back to Remote offices. Now; Executives, Project Manager, Consultants, Engineers and Owners can live the details of the project-site without having to leave their office.  They can access the Remote Hat camera by desktop, phone or tablet.  Nothing like walking (4) jobs in (1) day, with the Remote Works construction hard hat!  Note: This is especially good for insurance companies and QA/QC firms.


  • LCD attachment screen – Wouldn’t it be great if you can walk a job-site without having drawings or printed emails in your hand. With the Remote-Hat, users can recall emails, details, drawings at any time. Best of all, this ADD/On feature is removable.  


  • Light – The Remote hat has built-in lighting


  • Controls – The Remote hat has an on-board LCD computer that is used to modulate and control :

    • Air flow to the mask

    • Camera

    • LCD

    • Lighting